• Andrew Caley

What you get for waking up at 6am!

Following on from the New Year I have been trying a new life style choice following watching Matt Cutts TED talk "try something new for 30 days". As the title suggests all you have to do is choose something you have always wanted to add or take away from your life and do it, for 30 days. My first choice was to wake up every morning at 6am, what I did with these extra free two hours a day was my choice. One morning I decided to go for a photo walk through Bourton on the Water one very cold morning, I was rewarded with some beautiful light and moments to capture I would have missed if I had been warm in bed. It taught me that photos are out there to be taken no matter what time or weather conditions all you have to do is go out with your camera and the photos will show themselves to you. Here are the best photos from the walk, what would you do with an extra two hours a day?

#bourtononthewater #trysomethingnewfor30days

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