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Bruges travel guide

The city of Bruges is synonymous with its canals, cobbled streets and medieval architecture which are best explored on foot or by traditional horse-drawn carriage. This combination makes Bruges one of the most popular medieval cities and weekend destinations in Europe. With its peaceful atmosphere and enchanting architecture Bruges will have you falling in love with the city straight away or it might have something to do with the famous chocolate and beer. You can always follow the footsteps of Colin Farrell in the dark comedy “In Bruges” which will give your visit an extra twist

What you need to know....

Accommodation – A wide range of accommodation is available with large chain hotels through to independent B&B’s. Prices are expensive especially in the main season from June to September but with some hunting around.

Food – Bruges is full of excellent restaurants catering for every pallet and budget. As mentioned earlier it is an expensive city so if you’re on a budget choosing a self catering apartment could save you a lot of money! Also make sure you drink like the locals and drink slowly. Belgium beer is a lot stronger than what we have in the UK and is meant to be drunk slowly and enjoyed. You can always find a cheap snack from one of the street vender for some Belgium frites and mayonnaise which is renowned in the region.

Transportation costs – The main train station is south of the main historic city, just outside the main R30 ring road and less than half an hour walk the main city centre. Once in Bruges the best method of transport is your own two feet, with all the main attractions in a concentrated area of a few miles. Due to the ancient road network driving and parking in the city can be tricky so it would be advised to either park on the outskirts and walk in or leave the car at home altogether.

Safety – Bruges is a very safe and relaxed city where I never felt threatened even when walking around at night. Obviously with it being such a popular city with tourists it’s inevitable that opportunist thieves will try their luck it you make yourself an easy target, so make sure you take common sense precautions.

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