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Ring of Kerry travel guide

The Ring of Kerry is a circular route around the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry on the west coast of Ireland and forms part of the Wild Atlantic Way, which runs from Cork in the south up the west coast to Donegal in the north. This exposed peninsula is famous for some of the most picturesque roads in the region, if not the whole of Europe, from the valley pass of the Gap of Dunloe to the cliffhanging Slea Head Drive on the Dingle Peninsula. The region also plays host to many of Ireland’s best and unspoiled beaches from the hidden coves of Sneem Coral Beach to the long sandy beach of Rossbeigh, unfortunately the weather doesn’t always do them justice with up to 225 days a year seeing rain. The characteristic weather doesn’t put off visitors or even Hollywood productions coming to the region, with the high profile filming of the new Star Wars trilogy being filmed in various locations. This will likely mean The Ring of Kerry this could become even more popular over the coming years, especially with young families. The combination of the amazing scenery and rich history of the region with the friendly locals makes travelling through Ireland a memorable experience and not something to be missed.


Prices and availability vary greatly throughout the year with hostels costing from 40-70 EUR in the winter to over 100 EUR in the summer season. Bed and breakfasts are by far the most popular and most widely available accommodation. They can be found along all the main ring roads, with prices ranging from 50-100 EUR per night for a double room with en suite depending on the season.


Due to the remote nature of the main circular route major grocery stores are few and far between outside of the major towns but smaller shops are readily available and will supply you with the essentials. Restaurants and cafes will be your staple source of food with plenty found along the main route and in the smaller villages. Prices are reasonable with a meal out including alcoholic drinks starting from 25 EUR per person.

Public transport

Public transport is limited on the main Ring of Kerry with only bus route 280 running on the main circular route around the perimeter N70 and N71 roads. Private bus tours are your best option as they’re wildly available starting at 30 EUR for a day’s tour around most of the major sites.


The whole of Ireland is considered an extremely safe country with the complex and lengthy hostilities in Northern Ireland being in the past and shouldn’t deter you from visiting. Basic travel safety is always advised to avoid opportunist crimes which are no different from any other major European country.

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