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San Francisco travel guide

San Francisco is on the crowning jewels of the west coast of America, with landmarks that have been included in countless films and songs throughout the years, and has played host to hippies, technology geeks, immigrants and one of the oldest gay scenes in the country. This blend of backgrounds has made San Francisco one of the most liberal cities in the country where everyone will be welcome and with something different around every corner it’s one of my favourite cities and I can’t wait to go back. With an area of less than 50 square miles but a population of over 850,000 San Francisco is one of the smallest but most densely populated cities in the United States. This does come in handy with many of the city’s top sights not being too far a part but that also means it can be very congested, however when a city is a cool as the Speak Easy it still manages to have a laid back feel.

What you need to know...


Your entry level shared dorm rooms cost around the $25-40 USD whilst a private double room with ensuite will be more around the $100 USD per night. Your average hotel costs between $60-100 USD per night for a double room with prices going as high as you like depending on your budget. Apartment rentals are readily available through AirBnB but the city is taking legal action against them as short term private rentals are illegal due to the housing shortage.


As you would expect San Francisco has a wide range of cuisines for all budgets, from all you can eat buffets in China town to seafood chowder street food or organic vegan restaurants.

Public transportation

The city has a wide range of public transport including buses, metros and of course the historic tram system. The best option is to get a 1-day pass for $17 USD, 3-day pass for $26 USD, or a 7-day pass for $35 USD which will cover all your transportation needs.


Even with its laid back appeal certain areas of San Francisco are safer than others and you can quickly find yourself in unfamiliar neighbourhoods if you choose to walk between sights, so basic travel safety is advised at all times. As a general rule though San Francisco is a very safe city with very friendly locals who are always willing to help or point you in the right direction.

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